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Tinkering around at DHSI 2014

During the first week in June I attended the Digital Humanities Summer Institute (DHSI) for the first time. The trip also marked my first visit to Canada, and the first time I traveled internationally in more than a decade. It was a bit of a whirlwind experience. I took the DHSI course, “Physical Computing and […]

Don’t be a snob: “How people use language is how language works”

The quote above is one of the central points Mary Rolf makes in her excellent post, “Why I Stopped Being a Grammar Snob.” In the post Rolf, a self-described recovering English major and former grammar snob, discusses the major lessons she learned from a course entitled “Introduction to the English Language.” Rolf’s shift in perspective is […]

The new American Dream: Doing what you love

I recently stumbled across Paul Graham‘s 2006 piece, “How to do what you love” and find myself smitten. The ability to do what one loves for a living might accurately be described as the new American Dream, and Graham has some excellent recommendations for those of us in pursuit of our love. I keep a […]

white noise reduction

Ground rules for civil discourse

As I look toward the freshman survey I’ll be teaching in the Fall and reflect upon my experiences leading recitation sections, serving as a teaching assistant, participating in graduate seminars, and arguing politics with relatives, a handout for my students with some basic guidelines for civil discourse seems ever more like a good idea. Below […]

Losing the military’s past & with it, the lessons of war

ProPublica is working to bring national attention to the story of missing war records: The U.S. military began relying on computer records during the Gulf War, introducing major gaps in recordkeeping as the old paper-style system fell apart. The Army then introduced a centralized system for collecting electronic field reports, but units have failed to submit […]

Redesigning the architecture of the computer

Killing the Computer to Save It Dr. Neumann reasons that the only workable and complete solution to the computer security crisis is to study the past half century’s research, cherry-pick the best ideas and then build something new from the bottom up…borrowing from another science, Dr. Neumann notes that biological systems have multiple immune systems […]


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