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No plan b for the humanities?

This is a video I recently stumbled across on the site xtranormal, a site that allows people to create their own animated videos. The video expresses concerns about the future of the humanities and graduate training in the humanities. Do you share any of these concerns? What do you think about the general message? Video, […]

Information infrastructures and future directions in digital scholarship

Any attempt to understand the impact of digital technologies and the digital medium must take into consideration the underlying processes that support, regulate, and structure computers and the Internet. Human interaction with technology is more than a simple reciprocal exchange between technology and the human mind; it is an interaction between the user and a […]

“Careers in History in the 21st Century: The Job Market and the State of the Field,” UNL History Department Workshop Notes

Below are my notes from a workshop I attended yesterday afternoon. In addition to gaining some valuable insight into the current job market and the application process, I was very pleased to hear our department express its enthusiastic support for both academic and non-academic career paths for history graduate students. This is something the UNL […]

A good archivist goes a long way

And so do reasonable archive policies. After the Thanksgiving holiday, I took a trip down to the small town of Pittsburg, Kansas to conduct some research for my dissertation at the Leonard H. Axe Library. Of particular interest to me was the library’s Special Collections Department‘s holdings on Julius Wayland. Julius Augustus Wayland (1854-1912) was […]


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